Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What should we do about that moon? by Hafiz

A wine bottle fell from a wagon
And broke open in a field.

That night one hundred beetles and all their cousins

And did some serious binge drinking.

They even found some seed husks nearby
And began to play them like drums and whirl....
This made God very happy.

Then the Night Candle rose into the sky
And one drunk creature, laying down his instrument,
Said to his friend-for no apparent

"What should we do about that moon?"

Seems to Hafiz
Most everyone has laid aside the music

Tackling such profoundly useless

Thursday, May 11, 2006


The Sun
Longing for the Dawn
Floats through taut-darkness
Speaks ancient sweet-tongued spells
Voice aflame in the eastern sky
Bright burning ships binding
The great devil
Ra bends down and wipes away
Memnon grief from the leaf
As golden haired Aurora weeps
Gathering stars in her arms
She sings, 'Rise up, Rise up...
And face the day'
She forgets that with the hours
We too grow old
Tithonus celestial robed as we are
With serpents and thunder clouds
In our way before we reach the chamber

But the Light never dies
Gives us the faith to carry on
To rage against the darkness
To face the day

And we being made a little
Lower that the Sun
Children of the Light and so much brighter
Give on last azalea sigh
Pull the blanket of Anubis
Over us to leave the Twin
Smiling in the empyreal sky
To chase dreams to the other side
And see
That just like the Sun
We too are still searching
Longing for the Dawn.