Monday, November 28, 2005


........this aching in my head is killing me.
The chanting, the drumming, that incessant rythm
On the stereo mingled with the candles haze makes the
Devils in my room excited, acting crazy- making it quite uncomfortible
For me to stay....
So one night I drove my chariot through the clouds
And the satyrs that ran beside me reminded me
That the demons we hide inside will always find a way-
Jumping out of ourselves,
Exposing our race for the frauds that we are.
This generation has been left with a thin future....
So it seems that these are the last days
Then again, you would never know
Until its too late.

Judging by the fierce look on my brother's face,
Jaded, giving up on the quest...
Because I've seen the fear in his eyes.
The uncertainty, the blind vanity,
Shaking his fist at the guitar playing seraphim...
" I know -O- exists, I just don't understand
Why nothing has been done for 2000 years...
Now, Everything has gone wrong!!!"

but the music, the revolution, and the gathering of wings
Clears the head.
Makes me see that the only thing
We can give each other are beautiful,
Brief moments of peace.
An escape from the choas
That swirls outside our doors.

One night,
My bothers and I painted the heavens
Pastel colors of purple and blue...
A dark deepness to retreat into
One can stare forever into the azure eyes of creation
With her gentle wisdoms and twinkling forevers.
Opening the windows to my soul I bent my neck back
Put my hands at my side
Giving myself up to the moon
And the brightest star...
Fell face first into the midnight.
The moon has a voice, a song...
Man has tried to take it away with new religion.
She scorns me...being a man
Turns away from me with golden haired sister
Rising up from the east.
Time has done more damage to her sullen craters
And dust frowns than any space junk
Left behind by a careless continuim.

Floating toward the light ,
The thing that keeps me from the beginning....
The never returning,
Are the cries of my brothers
Tormented by the shadows dancing about the fire.
So I must return to comfort them...
We have the keys, the powers to put out the torment
Because there are words and promises that cannot be broken.
Songs to soothe us,
Silences that move us,
So, well-beloved do not be afraid.
There are no limits to the hallucination of the pure soul.

but the doors have been left open
And thieves have made themselves house-guests.

The dragon waits in frayed used cigar boxes
With his chemical kisses and pandora death.

I have tasted the poison,
The numbness has taken the joy from them.

The sleeper awakes to find himself
A cardboard box house broken on the sand.



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