Monday, November 07, 2005

Losing is good for the soul

So the Astros lost the world series... yeah!
Guess that means I can freak out about the Cowboys now.
Really there are too many distractions for a man too focus
On the prize.
Haven't written in a while...been busy dying.
but life in the web is good... house is cleaner... and the little ones
are gettin' big.
Work is work...
but music is... a whole nother world.

Sub Oslo has been in all my stereos these days.
"Celestial Dub", "MelAfrica", and "Reel to Reel Dub" is about 30 minutes of flying...
Johnny Cash's THE MAN COMES AROUND (American IV) keeps ending up in the
stereo in the living room.... I love his version of "Danny Boy"
My eldest dtr used to sing this song with Cash playing in the car stereo when
she was just 3 yrs old. wow.
My other dtr so little loves Cash's "I'm so lonesome I could cry"
me I love it all... reminds me of family and me at 5 yrs old.
good vibes.
Lets see.... new stuff.
I love Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros STREETCORE....I know 3 yrs old but it
takes me a while getin' my hands on something being a poor spider.
"Coma Girl", "Get Down Moses", "Long Shadow", "Arms Aloft"
is a great start for a record.
Strummers version of "Redemption Song" is amazing...argh!!!!
"All in a Day" very cool, "Burnin' Streets" good song..."Midnite Jam" a cool jam.
The last song "Silver and Gold" is a great last letter.
I miss Joe Strummer. :(
really I do........................................................................................................................

Matisyahu and Damian Marley are on heavy rotation in my car and discman.
I love Matisyahu's "Heights" and "Close my eyes".....who am I kiddin the whole
disc is off the blade!!!!! Matisyahu LIVE AT STUBB'S get it today!
Then there is my boy Damian Marley...
No one toast like Jr. Gong....
Its revolutionary, its uplifting, its teachin', its dancin', its a little wierd at times...
and surprising at every turn.
Yep, I want to make a record with Damian Marley.
The song "Welcome to JamRock" is the song of the year!!!!
Get it or ask for it for Christmas......

I also burned me a copy of some Confusatron stuff....
Better not take this band for granted Fort Worth.
Someday you're gonna say "man I wished I caught a Confasatron show"
and you will have no idea of what passed you by while you where sleeping.
I would have to say that the tour to Colorado that PH7 and Confusatron took
in July was one of the best times I have had in about 10years.
All those boys were there...."whoo C'mon!!!!"

Well thats all I can say about that.


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Blogger The Stash Dauber said...

congratulations, spider. welcome to the wonderful world of blogspam.

sigh. anyway...

when i started dating my sweetie, the first gift i gave her was strummer
'n' the mescaleros' "streetcore," which is still her fave wakin' up in the morning rekkid (esp. "all in a day"). good stuff never ever ever gets old.

matis is wonderful and i now own a copy cos we bought one for a friend who we thought would dig it 'cos he's into all kinds of music (usedta have a country show on knon) and is also a rabbi. shoulda known he'd already have it -- a very hip rabbi, is rabbi frank who blessed our house.

5:33 PM  

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