Monday, November 28, 2005


........this aching in my head is killing me.
The chanting, the drumming, that incessant rythm
On the stereo mingled with the candles haze makes the
Devils in my room excited, acting crazy- making it quite uncomfortible
For me to stay....
So one night I drove my chariot through the clouds
And the satyrs that ran beside me reminded me
That the demons we hide inside will always find a way-
Jumping out of ourselves,
Exposing our race for the frauds that we are.
This generation has been left with a thin future....
So it seems that these are the last days
Then again, you would never know
Until its too late.

Judging by the fierce look on my brother's face,
Jaded, giving up on the quest...
Because I've seen the fear in his eyes.
The uncertainty, the blind vanity,
Shaking his fist at the guitar playing seraphim...
" I know -O- exists, I just don't understand
Why nothing has been done for 2000 years...
Now, Everything has gone wrong!!!"

but the music, the revolution, and the gathering of wings
Clears the head.
Makes me see that the only thing
We can give each other are beautiful,
Brief moments of peace.
An escape from the choas
That swirls outside our doors.

One night,
My bothers and I painted the heavens
Pastel colors of purple and blue...
A dark deepness to retreat into
One can stare forever into the azure eyes of creation
With her gentle wisdoms and twinkling forevers.
Opening the windows to my soul I bent my neck back
Put my hands at my side
Giving myself up to the moon
And the brightest star...
Fell face first into the midnight.
The moon has a voice, a song...
Man has tried to take it away with new religion.
She scorns me...being a man
Turns away from me with golden haired sister
Rising up from the east.
Time has done more damage to her sullen craters
And dust frowns than any space junk
Left behind by a careless continuim.

Floating toward the light ,
The thing that keeps me from the beginning....
The never returning,
Are the cries of my brothers
Tormented by the shadows dancing about the fire.
So I must return to comfort them...
We have the keys, the powers to put out the torment
Because there are words and promises that cannot be broken.
Songs to soothe us,
Silences that move us,
So, well-beloved do not be afraid.
There are no limits to the hallucination of the pure soul.

but the doors have been left open
And thieves have made themselves house-guests.

The dragon waits in frayed used cigar boxes
With his chemical kisses and pandora death.

I have tasted the poison,
The numbness has taken the joy from them.

The sleeper awakes to find himself
A cardboard box house broken on the sand.


the spiders epiphany

Little fly
Thy summers play,
My thoughtless hand
Has brushed away.

Am not I
A fly like thee?
Or art not thou
A man like me?

For I dance
And drink and sing
Till some blind hand
Shall brush my wing.

If thought is life
And strength and breath;
And the want
Of thought is death;

Then am I
A happy fly,
If I live,
Or if I die.

W.Blake(the fly)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Upon Dreaming Walt Whitman Dying

Lulled into closing heavy lids
After countless hours of
Computer image and television
Jerusalem politic
And the president telling me
What to think...
Even tho' I do not think he cares.
The sandbags over my eyes commence...

the sun stands black rising and
the high amber moon rests in mists
peaking through the branches just
below the tree tops in my mind

children are playing in a
burnt out field being baby sat
by box full of micro-chip
latch-key security hung about
the neck like fatherless noose

voices echo through the pillowed pillars
inhabitants of the surreal stage
they turn their heads to see
with eyes glazed over like
static and fly paper film
hand on the touch pad-remote control
passive punks playing in cyber web
the spider in no where to be found,
but the vibrations!!!!!!!!!!!

whitman wakes---
tangled in cobweb confusion
searching for trees in this
asphalt jungle
looking for unpolluted river or
unlittered lake to swim skinny
dipped free
searching grand canyon red stone grooves
like lost tourist looking in the desert
for the nose of the sphinx.

he turns to me
with horrible grandfather expression
parent watching his own children
shoot up information heroin
--all I could say to him was...
'thats just the way time and things are walt.'

whitman revelation:
the future holds futile hours of
computer cartoon meaningless experience.

then he let out a scream...NO!!!!!!
wakes the quiet couple next door
lights come on in the pretty pink house...
but I'm a heavy sleeper and I love
my whitman dreams
he sleeps in my bed with
blake and ginsberg
while charlie parker plays

see i have never met this man
but he turns to me and says
'I didn't come to confuse the world
but to free it.'
poet messiah of young america
son of man
old man picks up walking stick
and begins to shatter screens
empty eyed video carcass wasteland
plastic splinters piercing the heart
of babylon almost reality.

the sheep are scattered
bleating on the plain
the shepherd is dying
a prince cries in the wilderness
'walt whitman, my father, is dying'
shocked by soul failure and
vision of poetry death
old man closes his eyes
cradled in the arms of poet son he whispers,
'son, you knew me, all this time....even before
you read me.
everything i wrote was for you,
leaves upon a page...
fallen from a tree.'

the heartbeat ceases beat
the sun stops shining
the moon disappears new
the rain is falling outside
my crying window...
head heavy in my dream hands
The phone rings
Birds sing
A train rolls in the distance
Attic fan clanking
dreams are sinking

Sitting up in bed
Squinting from bright daylight
"He's dying, he's dying...Walt Whitman my father is dying!"

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Aston "Family Man" Barrett

Happy Birthday Aston Barrett...
Your bass lines are the very reason why I fell in love
With the reggae sound.
The smooth but bold sound hooked me
The moment I "heard" Waiting in Vain.
The night PH7 played at the Ridglea
With the Wailers was one of the musical
highlights of my life....
Your solo dub cd "Cobra Style" plays in my auto daily.
Thank-you and Happy Birthday....

Monday, November 07, 2005

Losing is good for the soul

So the Astros lost the world series... yeah!
Guess that means I can freak out about the Cowboys now.
Really there are too many distractions for a man too focus
On the prize.
Haven't written in a while...been busy dying.
but life in the web is good... house is cleaner... and the little ones
are gettin' big.
Work is work...
but music is... a whole nother world.

Sub Oslo has been in all my stereos these days.
"Celestial Dub", "MelAfrica", and "Reel to Reel Dub" is about 30 minutes of flying...
Johnny Cash's THE MAN COMES AROUND (American IV) keeps ending up in the
stereo in the living room.... I love his version of "Danny Boy"
My eldest dtr used to sing this song with Cash playing in the car stereo when
she was just 3 yrs old. wow.
My other dtr so little loves Cash's "I'm so lonesome I could cry"
me I love it all... reminds me of family and me at 5 yrs old.
good vibes.
Lets see.... new stuff.
I love Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros STREETCORE....I know 3 yrs old but it
takes me a while getin' my hands on something being a poor spider.
"Coma Girl", "Get Down Moses", "Long Shadow", "Arms Aloft"
is a great start for a record.
Strummers version of "Redemption Song" is amazing...argh!!!!
"All in a Day" very cool, "Burnin' Streets" good song..."Midnite Jam" a cool jam.
The last song "Silver and Gold" is a great last letter.
I miss Joe Strummer. :(
really I do........................................................................................................................

Matisyahu and Damian Marley are on heavy rotation in my car and discman.
I love Matisyahu's "Heights" and "Close my eyes".....who am I kiddin the whole
disc is off the blade!!!!! Matisyahu LIVE AT STUBB'S get it today!
Then there is my boy Damian Marley...
No one toast like Jr. Gong....
Its revolutionary, its uplifting, its teachin', its dancin', its a little wierd at times...
and surprising at every turn.
Yep, I want to make a record with Damian Marley.
The song "Welcome to JamRock" is the song of the year!!!!
Get it or ask for it for Christmas......

I also burned me a copy of some Confusatron stuff....
Better not take this band for granted Fort Worth.
Someday you're gonna say "man I wished I caught a Confasatron show"
and you will have no idea of what passed you by while you where sleeping.
I would have to say that the tour to Colorado that PH7 and Confusatron took
in July was one of the best times I have had in about 10years.
All those boys were there...."whoo C'mon!!!!"

Well thats all I can say about that.