Thursday, October 20, 2005

Astros win the pennant!!!

Thank-you Roy Oswalt.
You will be remembered for years to come in my family...
I will teach my girls how to focus because of your example.
"...And the winning edge will always be yours."
go astros

the answer

The answer lies in more than just the self...

it lies in the love of the self.


Where there is love...there is no imposition.

words to live by

Love one another.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Great Pujols

Note to the Houston Astros:
Don't throw Albert Pujols anything near the strike zone!!!
Throw it in the dirt or throw it at him....

Astros fan since I could play catch

Friday, October 07, 2005

love song (improvised)

been thinkin' of our world
as if it's not our world
but something someone
and left behind.

been tryin' to find a home
as if it's not our home
but something we have
and left behind.

think we all should settle down
stop actin' like a clown
life is a gift
when you live
you grow.

been running to and fro'
as if you just don't know
and something somewhere
is forgot
and now behind.

been thinkin' 'bout our world
as if it's all our world
let me help you stop
and take some time...

stop and watch the clouds move high above...
smell a flower...
hug a friend...
watch the sun set fall into the west...
count the stars...
make a wish...
catch up with a friend you've got behind...
share some laughter...
cry some tears...
wake up now and watch the sun rise...
take your blessings...
choose today.

Monday, October 03, 2005

banks suck...

Tell me...
How is it when you put your money in the bank
and they say it'll post the next business day....
but it posts three days later and its your fault
when you have an overage.

fuckin' banks.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Dylan and the hypocrites

So I've been listening to Bob Dylan
and his "LIVE 1966"(The Royal Albert Hall concert).
I've listened to this cd about a 100 times now and let
me tell you it doesn't suck.
In fact it could be one of the most powerful live
performances I've ever heard.
So it boggles the mind to think that there were people
at the show who just didn't get it.
Booing him, calling him names (Judas, Sell-out), and overall
just forgetting what was going on all around him.
Dylan was in a zone....creatively.
His latest albums "Bringing it all back home", "Highway 61 revisted",
and "Blonde on blonde" a collection of music that some artists
would sell their souls for. Some say Dylan did just that.
Here's the thing tho' that I just can't understand....
In a world environment where EVERYONE was clamouring for change
Bob Dylan's fans couldn't handle their hero changing.
Hypocrites...every last one of them.

I've been daydreaming about how the lives of those people who boo'd
and jeered Dylan turned out...
Some grew up to be lawyers, some stock-traders, one stayed a manager of the local
coffee shop till he overdosed on heroin, some became husbands and wives,
some became child-abusers, some just lived their mundane lives as the high-school janitor,
some became war planners,
some became soldiers and died in the war, some died of heart disease....
did they ever find true love...
or did they just give up.