Monday, September 05, 2005

New Orleans

I just read an article by Ann Rice about the city of New Orleans...
we have failed.
This great country that boasts about its civilized and superior will,
Chose to drag its dragon wings
when God speed was nessary to save thousands of its own.
Once again we are confronted with the race question...
Poor people will always be the ones who suffer...
they carry the inheritance of the kingdom of heaven..
I don't think that the wealthy and powerful have ever gotten over that.
We failed them...
The United States of America???
And it will always be like this until enough of us say "something must be done"
But it is going to take alot of us...all of us.
So, to the people of New Orleans..."I am sorry...I would've called the helicopters, the boats,
the shelters, to the border on Sunday morning...but Im not the President, Im not the Gov.
Im not the mayor...Im just a little ole spider in Texas trying to duck storms of my own.
We will take care of you here in Texas...we will find you food and shelter and new communities
to grow and share with. Because we do love you...and we want you to live again. please forgive your leaders for they do not know...Something Must Be Done.