Monday, August 01, 2005

Colorado or Bust part 1& 2

It's been a few days since I visited the page...
What can I say I've been busy with life and the monster that is Pablo.
Its good to be back in the Fort...Colorado was nice but its not home...
What it is is a magnificent playground!!!!
And where do I begin about the trip to Colorado....
We departed Funkytown at about 12:30 a.m. and drove all night
into the morning.
There were alot of energy drinks being consumed, many, many, many licks off the pipe,
snacks galore, some sleeping was done...and an overall buzz was floating in the air.
Two vans and a Blazer... Two bands and an entourage. (the boys in Confusatron went too)
We listened to Manu Chao, Outkast, Sublime, Phish(live in Austin:) , Bob Marley,
The Mars Volta, Jimi Hendrix, Peter Tosh, Galactic, Black Uhuru, Damian Marley,
RJD2, Gorrillaz, U2, Old 97's and many more...
I slept most of the way up to Colarado and was shuffled from
Spot to spot in order to make the ride more comfortible for somebody.
I still haven't figured out who that was.
We arrived in Vail at about 3:30 pm... unloaded the equipment at the club and
then drove to our condo!!!!
The place we stayed at was SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5 rooms, a kitchen, 5 bathrooms, an incredible back porch with a view of the rockies,
6 bottles of liquor waiting for us, pizza, more energy drinks, beds and couches evrywhere.....
A pool and a hot-tub.
So we all took the nessessary breaks...showers and such...
Then made our way back to the club.
The line-up for the show was Darrin Kobetich, A'hummin Acoustical Accupuncture,
Cofusatron, and Pablo And The Hemphill 7!!!!!!!
All night the music was bumpin'...
From Darrin's mastery of the Confusatron's all out assault on "pusherman".
The night was over before I knew it and it was time for me to crash...because I was
fightin' the altitude all evening.
All I know is that The Sand Bar in Vail, Co. felt Rude Boy to their soul.

The next day came early...Friday Avon Colarado!!!!!
I know this, I smiled when I woke up and said "kick-ass" to myself.
Eggs and potatoes... a couple cups of coffee... 65 degrees.
About twenty people waking up everywhere in the condo....
The mountains right over the roof tops, Cool Clean air......................
No need to worry about level red air days.
Lets see...they tell me that some stuff happened last night,
but I was out upstairs.
Dre' jumped off the loft balcony onto three air bed matresses, Jonathan and John got so droned
they forgot where they were, All the liquor was drank...WOW!, We picked up three more
people, lost one in the crew.Supposedly there was hash...I didn't see any.

I went swimming, then hit the hot tub...mmmmmmmmmm felt good.
Dried off and started to get ready for our next show.
Loaded Joe's was way too small for Pablo and Confusatron but we still Threw Down!
The fact that it was a coffee bar made it easier to play(having a soft spot for coffee shops)
We also sold more merch at Loaded Joe's than any other place we played. Go figure.
Another side note...we opened for Zion 6pm. Another first for Pablo...
They were nice kids tho'... I felt a little sorry for them having to follow us...
" The Monster that is Pablo and the Hemphill 7"
I was scarred we were gonna break the nice stuff in the shop.
After the show we hung out a little, ate some pizza, got a hold of some Really good ses,
and prepared ourselves-slant eyed- to go see Galactic at a bar called 8150 in Avon.
OH MY GOD Galactic Kicked ass!!!
The building was literally bouncing...I shit you not. Go ahead I dare you to go check out
A show at 8150 in Avon Co. just might be the coolest(hot) place to see your favorite band.
We got out of the show around midnite...Cammi and Steffin got harrassed by the cops
because they were sleeping in the Van with the REALLY GOOD ses and it stank up
the whole parking garage.(hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha) thats funny to me...the whole
parking garage, unlit no less!!!
Well needless to say Cammi and Steffin got a warning about sleeping in the van and then
the cops wrote the plate # down...that made for a Fun drive back to the condo later.
So we make it back to the problems....still geeked about the Galactic show we
just saw. And ready to party!!!
That I'll tell you about in a couple days.....peace.
*************************************part 2
So Friday night was one of the best times I have had in a long time...
We drank alot...we smoked (really GOOD stuff) all night, we watched Jonathan become
a rock-star, we wrote letters on the guys who walked around without their shirts...letters
"G" "P" "E" and "A" and let them(Jonathan, Justin, Lucas, and John) try to figure out what
we were trying to spell...HIGHLARIOUS!!!!!!
We ate tiny pizzas, John thought the condo was on fire(that was funny too), Matt sang
"sex in the butt is good, sex in the butt is great" and has a better singing voice than I expected,
John and Jonathan kept on shouting "whoo, c'mon!" all red-necks.
Marcus and Justin practiced their fake laughs...I think they did that all night I'm not sure,
We listened to Galactic on the stereo!!! We hung out outside under the Colorado stars,
We watched Jonathan walk into the glass backporch sliding door...hehehehe...that was really funny. We talked about our dreams, we hugged each other alot, the girls tried at every turn
to get us to do something stupid...and usually the real drunk ones did.
We talked about Jazz, we talked about reggae, we talked about funk, we talked about hip-hop,
we even talked about pop hooks. I found out that Brian is on his way to be a holy man...
Steffin is getting old and is alot like me, Jenn is a saint, Cammi is a brave girl, Marcus is one awesome planner and my favorite ph7 member to raze, Andrew is so calm, John and Jonathan are brothers from "way" back, Justin is now known as "Supa Glue"
and Lucas is the coolest guy I know.
To end the night we sang a few songs, smoked some more, took a couple shots, and found
our way to our beds.
And then Sat. morning...
Once again all I could do when I woke up was smile.
We ate breakfast...eggs, tortillas, potatoes, veggies, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
A couple cups of coffee, some h2O...
Took a shower and started packing...All-right we had to be out by 1:00.
For some reason everybody in the crew was packed and ready to go.
Good bye Avon, and Vail...
beautiful condo...
Good air.
Here we come Denver!
Dulcinea's 100th Monkey was our destination in Denver.
I rode with Justin in the van with alot of the started raining.
Mountains and rain just make me really nervous when you're driving ...
and Justin thinks my cries for my momma is hysterical when he's cruisin' down mountain
Curves at 60 plus....
Gives me the shutters just thinkin about it.
So we listened to Beck( he is the one), we listened to Lee Perry, Old 97's, Peter Tosh,
and Phish.
We filmed the aftermath of an 18-wheeler wrecked in the river....yeah Im paranoid!!!!
Roads, rain, weighted vans, mountains!!!!!
Things can go awry.
We didn't talk much...Justin...the silent type.
Downtown Denver is surreal.
Dangerous...the kind of place where you never know....
We set up at the club...did a kick-ass sound check (rude boy)
and went serchin for some food.
We ate at some crappy chinese place and then hurried over to Dulcinea's
and boomed into Green-light Girl.
the show was good...only about 30 people in the club...
Music was tight! People danced....fellow musos liked it....
Confusatron was givin' the reigns to close the night out and they did.
Like Champs.
when the show was over we all did a toast at the bar...dont remember what the toast was
but it was a nice gesture of unity. and free liquor.
I was told that our cd was going to be put in the juke-box... that would be cool.
Pablotron packed all the stuff in the vans and then realized that the blazer was going to get
on the road back to Texas....while the vans wanted to camp and spend the night one last time.
So we hugged Jenn, Marcus, Cammi, and Steffin goodbye and sent them back to the Fort!!!!
Camping is a story on its own
Soooooo until then... love.
The Blazer went south to Texas... the vans and our "guides",
I use that term loosley because I could have sworn they were trying to lose us...
traveled north to Boulder.
The consensus was that for our last night in Colorado we would camp out...
Wake up early and get back to Texas ourselves.

So there we are at midnight driving the mountain roads;
following our "guides"....driving around for about an hour and a half...
Almost dying at every wicked turn, cryin' out for my momma, wondering if the
"guides" were trying to kill us.
We finally took a wierd road and into a camping area on the side of a mountain and
piled out of the vehicles.
Now I do admit when I moved the large log out from the middle of the road
I should've known...but I was tired and I just wanted to get out the sleeping bag
And fall asleep looking at Colorado stars.
We had'nt really got unpacked... I think a tarp was being put down...
When out of the corner of my eye I see someone not in "our" group raise his arm
and fired off a round into the air.
It was strange once I realized that the crazy man holding a gun had'nt shot one of us
All we needed to do is get the hell off his camp site.
One of our " guides" tried to argue with the clock toting Colorado red-neck....
Know I knew the "guides" were trying to get us killed.
Whats funny about the whole thing is that their campsite-tent, cars, ect.
were covered in camoflauge....we couldn't see the freaks.
Oh but I saw the man with a gun...and I hate guns!!!!
So we packed up real quick like and drove a few more yards up the wierd road
To another camp-site. And parked it..all freaked out and tired....
with the crazy man and his gun a hundred yards away.
The camp went up pretty quickly...I think its called adrenalin.
We had a big circle.Talked till we slept...
It was nice to sleep outside, the air was cool and clean, there were noises, flying insects,
and an overall oneness with nature vibe.

I was the first to wake up... I think it was about 6:30 am.
I took a long walk with my blanket over me...locked eyes with a moose(it won the starring contest), saw a beautiful sunrise, was stalked by a squirel in the trees, ate my muffin that
I bought the night before, changed my socks, talked to some joggers who were nice enough
to tell me that the site we chose to camp in was not a legitimate camp-site and that if the
camp rangers came buy they would tiq. all the cars......and for some reason I thought that was
funny after all we had been through the night before.
Woke everyone up and told them the skinny about the Rangers and so with stealth like
ability we were ready to go in no time.
The most difficult thing to do was trying to turn the Vans around on that wierd road.
Finally it was done and we were on our way home....alive and unticketed.
The drive back was mostly a blur to me because of the two red bulls and many hits...
But we got back to Fort Worth at about 3am Monday.
It was good to be back home.
It was good to see my girls.
It was good to sleep in my bed.

I must add the following days back caught me in a small depression...
Maybe it was the back to work, or dishes dirty in the sink, or the whole
you're not in Colorado anymore joseph...

Welcome back to the real world...